Book review by Robert Clark Young


The Ecstasy of the Do-It-Yourself Novel

If Kerouac were alive today, he would be updating his status on Facebook every three minutes, and the literature he would be creating would look very much like Eric Paul Shaffer’s Burn & Learn: Memoirs of the Cenozoic Era. Even so, the use of the term Cenozoic has confused at least one Facebook user, who posted on Shaffer’s wall, “Wow! You are really, really old! A dinosaur,” only to be informed that the Cenozoic Era is, of course, our current era.

There could be nothing more current than Shaffer’s novel.  It is a non-linear narrative... More...



Book Review by Kirpal Gordon

Entering the 'Clear Pool School' of Poetry: Reviews of Eric Paul Shaffer's Lahaina Noon and Jordan Jones's The Wheel

Big Bridge #11

Poetry may be more beleaguered than it appears on first blush and dismissal. Overwhelmed by publish-or-perish imperatives for the few gigs in acadeem, an audience of more writers than readers and an infectious me-me mediocrity meeting a numbing I-Yi-Yi monotony, it's a tougher racket than ever, especially for those with something to say. So it's a wonder that in a market as glutted as verse with its imminently slipping into financial ruin spread sheet, an independent house like Leaping Dog Press not only exists but produces books of such exceptional quality. Its two most recent titles are Eric Paul Shaffer's Lahaina Noon, his third LDP collection... More...